Upgrade your Writing Like an RPG Character


I’m struggling a bit with perfectionism. I’m self-editing my own book before I engage a professional editor. But I keep going in circles. See, I’m my own worst critic. And while many of my “inner circle” love my writing, I consider it to be just “okay.” That is, until, I got this idea today.

I’m going to upgrade my writing like an RPG Character. If you’ve spent any time playing an RPG game, or an MMORPG, you’ve likely encountered “colored weapons.” Different colors indicate different levels and sophistication of the weapons or armor. You often see graduations of color like this:


The names and colors vary, but the idea is pretty consistent. In the beginning, your character starts with basic. As you progress through the game, you find, or craft weapons of increasing value. Often, you need a weapon of a lower color to “upgrade” to a higher color.

And, this takes time; and patience; and skill progression.

So, I’m going to upgrade my writing in the same way. Let’s say my writing is currently a “Masterwork” level weapon that I can wield (the pen is mightier than the sword, eh?). Well, through the tempering of putting it in front of readers and getting feedback; through editors and other professionals helping me; I hope to take my writing to the “Legendary” level. Maybe it will be this book, maybe the next one. Maybe it will be my last book; whenever that is. The idea, though, is that I will forge new armor and weapons with increasing abilities like an RPG badass. This means that I don’t have to get it perfect now, I just need to nail it for the level I’m at.

What do you think? Are you a perfectionist? Can you upgrade your writing like and RPG hero?

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