May 11, 2015

About The Immense Center

The Immense CenterImagine if you could capture a single second–precisely one second of time–and put it in a bottle. You could look at the little bottle and see the liquid time inside. Now, imagine taking one second from 1910 and another from 2010. Placing both bottles side by side, you could see that there is more liquid in 1910 than in 2010. Each second that passes is fractionally quicker than the preceding second and this is the pattern that has progressed for the past six thousand years. That is our current predicament.

Our universe is ending.

And we can’t stop it. But, we can escape it

Sure, you don’t buy it. I get it. I didn’t either. But, the extraterrestrial-multidimensional beings that visited me assured me that it’s true. My credibility is skyrocketing now, I know. But, I ask you to let me tell the whole story. I met a few time-travelling, extra-dimensional, and universe-traversing beings that have a plan for some of us to escape the end of our universe. But, they needed to show me a few things first.

I didn’t ask for this, but I’ve been given the task of spreading the word about what’s happening and how we can escape the end of our universe.  I have to travel through time, visit alternate timelines, visit other worlds and battle other beings dead set against me accomplishing my task. They tried to corrupt me, threatened my family, and threatened to destroy planets to stop me. I got to travel through time, through multi-verses, near gas giants and  black holes.  I also learn the consequences of messing with time in the wrong way.

But, the worst part was seeing the hardship of humanity, our greatest temptations, and the darkness that’s in each of us. I battled these beings from within a psychiatric hospital and felt the struggle of suicide.

In the end, our universe still ends.

Will we escape?


The Immense Center was written as my NaNoWriMo project for 2014. The story is deeply personal, and draws on my wildest imagination. I wrestled with my personal beliefs, my love of science and my fear of death. Writing this book helped me realize how important family is to me and what scares me most about humanity.

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