The Immense Center

Pre-order and Testimonials

I’m so excited. The Discarded Voice Press has the book set up on Amazon for pre-order. The book will go on sale Dec 20 and ship to pre-order customers first. It’s been a grueling few months taking care of the multiple edits and proofreading, the typesetting and cover design, the marketing plan, the social network Read more about Pre-order and Testimonials[…]

Time is Not an Illusion – The Immense Center Bonus

This is a portion of The Immense Center that did not make it into the final book. Not because I felt it wasn’t good, but because I felt it interfered with the pacing. The characters are the narrator, Gabe, Mick, Seb, and Joe. The other characters besides the narrator are sixth-dimensional beings that can travel Read more about Time is Not an Illusion – The Immense Center Bonus[…]

Looking for Beta Readers

ARCs are almost ready! An ARC is an Advanced Reader Copy. In days past, publishers would send out printed copies to a select group of readers to proofread and provide feedback on books before they were published. These days, though, this seems so archaic (and expensive). So, most publishers send out a PDF of the Read more about Looking for Beta Readers[…]