That’s Just Fiction

Looking at the stats, adult non-fiction outsells adult fiction more than 2-to-1. Why? Well, my motivation for asking is obviously self-serving, but it’s also just a curiosity.  Do you read fiction? If you listen to Tim Ferriss, he says you shouldn’t be reading a lot of non-fiction and that you should be reading fiction before Read more about That’s Just Fiction[…]

The Grandfather tells a story, by Albert Anker, ca. 1884.

The Surprising Advantages of Being a Storyteller

I Am a Storyteller A few years ago, I completed my CC in Toastmasters . During that time, I took every advantage of the leeway provided by the rules to tell stories. I told true stories about my life and made up fictional stories about the origin of the Loch Ness Monster, Professor MacKay and a Read more about The Surprising Advantages of Being a Storyteller[…]