Building Up; Coping, Conquering and Connecting

I had the pleasure and honor to be a part of Tazmin Ivey’s podcast, Built For More. Speaking with Tazmin turned out to be having a chat with a friend. It’s amazing the kinds of people you can connect with from around the world these days. We talked about storytelling and the unfortunate beginnings I Read more about Building Up; Coping, Conquering and Connecting[…]

Check Out My Interview on the Mid-life Launch Podcast!

This week, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Kingsley Grant. It was a delightful experience and I was honored to be interviewed for his podcast. Honestly, it felt a lot like a therapy session and was completely awesome. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Kingsley Grant’s podcast, you definitely Read more about Check Out My Interview on the Mid-life Launch Podcast![…]

7 Reasons Toastmasters is Good for You.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a member of Toastmasters International. You may be wondering why. Let me elucidate (I just used a word of the day on you). Members of Toastmasters have a built-in group of friends that they can rely on. If you’re in a good club (and they’re all good clubs), you have Read more about 7 Reasons Toastmasters is Good for You.[…]

Making Believable Characters

Making characters believable is hard. One technique to make characters believable is to give them flaws. Often, writers will use techniques like introducing moral, ethical or emotional flaws into their characters. But, there are other ways to make flawed characters. Sometimes, it’s best to make your character flawed in ways that we are all flawed: Read more about Making Believable Characters[…]

Ooh, We Got Chemistry

My wife and I are catching up on season 4 of Suits. And while the personal morality of the characters makes me uncomfortable from time-to-time, the chemistry that the characters display is exquisite and uncanny. In episode 10 of season 4, there is a scene between Harvey and Mike in which they affectionately tease each Read more about Ooh, We Got Chemistry[…]

The Grandfather tells a story, by Albert Anker, ca. 1884.

The Surprising Advantages of Being a Storyteller

I Am a Storyteller A few years ago, I completed my CC in Toastmasters . During that time, I took every advantage of the leeway provided by the rules to tell stories. I told true stories about my life and made up fictional stories about the origin of the Loch Ness Monster, Professor MacKay and a Read more about The Surprising Advantages of Being a Storyteller[…]