The Thrilling Maggie James

In my online travels, I’ve met some interesting and intriguing people. I want to introduce you to a fellow author, Maggie James. Maggie is a British author who lives in Bristol, UK. She writes psychological suspense novels. Before turning her hand to writing, Maggie worked mainly as an accountant, with a diversion into practicing as a Read more about The Thrilling Maggie James[…]

4 Ways to Tell a Story

  Those that know me well, know that I’m not just an author. I’m a designer in my day job. I’m also a photographer, amateur actor and amateur filmmaker. These disciplines might seem diverse on the surface, but in reality, for me, each sprouts from the same part of me: storytelling. Telling Stories through Photography Read more about 4 Ways to Tell a Story[…]

I’m a Writer, not a Writer

  If you spend enough time around writers, you’ll certainly notice that they care a great deal about words, word-smithing, language, grammar, and all sorts of topics concerning “writing well.” You’ll encounter the aspiring Hemingways and Burkowskis. You know the type: always looking at every sentence like it’s a line of poetry. These writers will […]

Five Reasons to Avoid Fiverr – Using Fiverr is Hazardous to Your Health

I’ve had a few friends, colleagues and acquaintances tell me that they had their media template/logo/book cover designed by someone at Fiverr and I find myself SMH (that’s “shaking my head” for the uninitiated). In my opinion, this is a bad idea. Before I dig into five reasons to avoid Fiverr, though, let me preempt […]