Force Awakens Left Me in Mourning

WARNING: Major Force Awakens Spoilers. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, bookmark this for later. I saw the first Star Wars shortly before I turned 3. I grew up playing with Star Wars action figures and toys. I wanted to be Luke Skywalker when I was a kid. It’s pretty safe to say, I’m Read more about Force Awakens Left Me in Mourning[…]

The Immense Center

Pre-order and Testimonials

I’m so excited. The Discarded Voice Press has the book set up on Amazon for pre-order. The book will go on sale Dec 20 and ship to pre-order customers first. It’s been a grueling few months taking care of the multiple edits and proofreading, the typesetting and cover design, the marketing plan, the social network Read more about Pre-order and Testimonials[…]

Building Up; Coping, Conquering and Connecting

I had the pleasure and honor to be a part of Tazmin Ivey’s podcast, Built For More. Speaking with Tazmin turned out to be having a chat with a friend. It’s amazing the kinds of people you can connect with from around the world these days. We talked about storytelling and the unfortunate beginnings I Read more about Building Up; Coping, Conquering and Connecting[…]

Climbing the Steep Side, with Manny Wolfe

A few weeks ago, I had the honor and privilege to be a part of Emmanuel Wolfe’s podcast. It was a blast to have a meaningful conversation with him. We talked about the power of story and the need for people to find ways to tell their story in ways that help them grow. Go Read more about Climbing the Steep Side, with Manny Wolfe[…]

Oh, the Profanity!

Yes, there is profanity in my book. No, I’m not going to remove it or release an edited version. First, let’s explore why there’s profanity in my book. The book is supposed to be an honest reflection of me, my personality and the things I’m wrestling with. Yes, I swear, and for good reason. Further, Read more about Oh, the Profanity![…]

That’s Just Fiction

Looking at the stats, adult non-fiction outsells adult fiction more than 2-to-1. Why? Well, my motivation for asking is obviously self-serving, but it’s also just a curiosity.  Do you read fiction? If you listen to Tim Ferriss, he says you shouldn’t be reading a lot of non-fiction and that you should be reading fiction before Read more about That’s Just Fiction[…]

The Thrilling Maggie James

In my online travels, I’ve met some interesting and intriguing people. I want to introduce you to a fellow author, Maggie James. Maggie is a British author who lives in Bristol, UK. She writes psychological suspense novels. Before turning her hand to writing, Maggie worked mainly as an accountant, with a diversion into practicing as a Read more about The Thrilling Maggie James[…]