Grammar Crimes – Antiprescriptivism

Keep Calm and Deal With It

“Antiprescriptivism” yeah, I made up a word. Cuz, know what? That’s how the English language works, sukkah! Woah, I’m slummin’ it teh keyboardshortcutters. DWI.

Last year, Weird Al Yankovic produced a song and video called, Word Crimes. It was funny and I love Weird Al, but I’m with Mignon Fogarty on Grammar Girl, this song is a whole lot of grammar prescriptivism and insulting condescension.

But, I’m connected with a few writer-types and editor-types online and this song keeps popping up from folks that are quite happy with Weird Al. Well, you know what? I like casual language. I think there are a whole lot of grammar myths causing undue heartburn in writers and editors. Plus, I don’t think readers are all that attached to grammar… these days.

So, I say, end your sentences with a preposition, if you know what a preposition is.

However, don’t stop there, start your sentences with a “however” whenever you like.

Passive voice can be used if the writing style should happen to call for it.

Are you a prescriptivist? Are you a grammar fascist? Or, can you let the language evolve and be casual? Can you deal with it?


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